What are the Benefits of Summer Swim?

Life Skill

 Swim team is a fun and healthy way for  your child to learn a very valuable life skill. Being a strong swimmer  is something that will benefit them for their entire life, both for fun  and safety. Working on stroke development will teach proper swimming  mechanics, proper breathing technique, and they’ll race, building both endurance and strength. 


 Being part of a team builds strong bonds  between people. They cheer on their teammates as they compete, work  toward common goals, and overcome challenges by supporting each other.  Summer swim league is a great way for your kids to make new friends over  the break and also strengthen relationships with existing ones. 


 Being able to effectively work as part  of a team is an invaluable life skill that goes far beyond the swimming  pool. Fostering good teamwork skills will benefit your child all the way  from school projects to success in their adult careers. By joining a  summer swim league, your child will learn important life lessons on how  to win (and lose) as a team, how to contribute when others are counting  on them, and how to be supportive of other’s success and encouraging  when things don’t go right.  


 In the world of videogames and handheld  devices, many kids aren’t as active as they should be. Plus, in the  Columbia area in the middle of summer, it’s often just too hot to stay  outside all day. Weekly swim team practices will give your child an outlet to release  energy while improving their cardiovascular fitness and muscular  strength. Swimming also improves flexibility, is easy on the joints, and  is a whole body exercise your child can continue for their entire life. 


 Often, parents are just as involved in  summer swim leagues as the kids. It’s always important to know your  neighbors and building a strong sense of community is good for everyone.  Also, it’s nice to get to know the parents of the kids your child  spends time with. Summer swim meets will be a great opportunity for both  parents and kids to get to know each other.   


Summer swim leagues are 100% volunteer run.   

  • Volunteering makes you happy, and healthy.
  • Volunteering promotes teamwork and cooperation. 
  • Volunteering develops real leadership skills. 
  • Volunteering is great for families. 
  • Volunteering is fun!