2019 CSL City meet championship July 13th & 14th

CSL City Meet

Race at USC Sol Blatt Natatorium


The CSL City Meet is an annual event hosted at the end of the Summer Swim season.   All teams come together to compete, celebrate and have fun at the USC Sol Blatt Pool!

Support your Team


Support your team and win!  There are over 1,000 swimmers from every corner of the Midlands representing each swim team at City Meet!

Test your Strength


Try out your new skills and strengths in the big pool!  All results are instant via touchpad and on display for the crowd to cheer you on. The excitement is real!

Have fun!


Swim is FUN!  City Meet is EXCITING!  Come have fun with your team and cheer on your friends, new and old! 

Share your Sport


City Meet is fun for everyone - including your friends and family as spectators!  There are many awards, scholarships,  and donations to other non profits.  



City Meet is run on MEGA Volunteers!  We need officials, timers, awards coordination, swim lane guides, hospitality, announcers, etc. etc. etc.  Come out and Volunteer - you will have a great time!